Olatunji Ololade

BAT 2023…The legend and the gloom
2022/06/09 04:51:51

So, Bola Tinubu made history at the Eagle Square, in Abuja. Against all odds. Like a living time machine, bearing with him multitude of hopes through dimensions of intrigues and...


Nigeria’s open secret
2022/06/02 07:12:00

It took a great deal of courage for Muhammadu Buhari to assert the legend of his integrity. It’d be inordinately easy for him to trash it, and all of his...

Buhari 4

The Jibrils: Hell in the spoken word (2)
2022/05/26 04:38:08

Like Sokoto’s killer herd, the Lagos mob and Anambra’s murderous gunmen make manure and loam out of bestial nature. Chaos is their fertile lair, and murder, their portal to living....


Deborah Samuel: Hell in the spoken word (1)
2022/05/19 20:40:15

To the religious bigot, humanity is barely skin-deep. He lives in a world of surfaces, a world of masks and artifice. Thus he espouses the absoluteness of externals. To such...

Deborah Samuel

Beyond bestiality
2022/05/12 05:20:20

Veegoddess’ grin is “expensive.” For the right price, it will slink into a sneer, while she receives pounding from a dog. The teenage TikTok user in Lagos, who went viral...


Because our daughters sleep with dogs (1)
2022/05/05 21:12:32

Bestial Nigeria can only be cured by farming our loins for the hidden cowries of a nobler race. The brothel prostitute, foul-mouthed roughneck, political assassin, ballot robber, kidnapper, rapist, and...


Boy apocalypse: Beyond the applause
2022/04/28 05:14:36

The thing about a gun: it’s easy for a child to get trapped in the sickle curve of its blind trigger. Yakubu, 10, is a testament. Since he learned to...


The Chrisland sex fiasco
2022/04/21 03:31:02

The Chrisland School child porn is a reality check; another frightful glimpse into our infernal core. The school’s underage sex debacle is a spear of consequence impaled into Nigeria’s sanctimonious...

Chrisland parent

Looking beyond the 2023 elections
2022/04/14 21:50:34

The 2023 general elections will be contested by deceptive personae, among others. Some of the aspirants are driven by delusions of sainthood and an inflamed ego. The career aspirants declare...

2023 elections

This hell we made
2022/04/07 07:38:40

EN route to the 2023 general elections, the cult of digital citizenship fosters a supreme theme: that of the maleficently-woke youth. Social media expanded to fill the space life provides,...

Abuja Kd train
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FG raises ministers, perm secs, others’ tour allowances.
2022/09/03 05:29:22

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Masari withdraws as Tinubu’s running mate!
2022/07/10 16:53:36

Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Edo Central senatorial candidate congratulates Tinubu.
2022/06/13 03:43:37


Ebonyi 2023: Ogba, Odii bicker over PDP governorship
2022/06/13 03:43:16

Ebonyi 2023

S’Court Justices deplore poor service conditions
2022/06/13 00:53:25

Justice Ibrahim Tanko Muhammad