BAT 2023…The legend and the gloom
2022/06/09 04:51:51

So, Bola Tinubu made history at the Eagle Square, in Abuja. Against all odds. Like a living time machine, bearing with him multitude of hopes through dimensions of intrigues and...


The joke of primary elections in Nigeria
2022/06/09 02:57:18

I have tried unsuccessfully not to comment on the so-called primary elections in Nigeria because like every perceptive observer, I am very pessimistic about whether elections will hold or not...

primary elections in Nigeria

On his mandate, they stand
2022/06/09 02:54:32

Even those that never gave Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu a chance started calling the race for him early. As late as it was that Tuesday night, they saw the handwriting...

On his mandate

Owo killings: Physician heal thyself
2022/06/09 02:53:13

The death of over 35 worshippers including women and children during last Sunday attack on St Francis Catholic church Owo by bandits using guns and explosives was a sad reminder...


Nigeria’s open secret
2022/06/02 07:12:00

It took a great deal of courage for Muhammadu Buhari to assert the legend of his integrity. It’d be inordinately easy for him to trash it, and all of his...

Buhari 4

Unintended consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
2022/06/02 05:28:16

The war unleashed on Ukraine on February 24 in addition to the conquest and annexation of the Crimean peninsula in 2014 and sponsoring of secessionist war of the ethnic Russians...

russia vs ukraine war

APC’s consensus war
2022/06/02 05:27:51

What is consensus? The question looks simple and straightforward, but in political circles, consensus has become a dreadful word in the contestation for the highest office in the land. Consensus...


2023 and the Yoruba: The die is cast
2022/06/02 05:26:03

If the three Nigerian major ethnic groups, the Igbo and Hausa/Fulani have always known what they wanted out of Nigeria. The former, a unitary system where citizens of their landlocked...

Party primaries

The Jibrils: Hell in the spoken word (2)
2022/05/26 04:38:08

Like Sokoto’s killer herd, the Lagos mob and Anambra’s murderous gunmen make manure and loam out of bestial nature. Chaos is their fertile lair, and murder, their portal to living....


Colour and character of 2023 presidential aspirants
2022/05/26 04:33:09

So far, over 20 APC presidential aspirants have collected N100million nomination application forms. They came in various shades and forms. The thoughtful, the light-hearted, and the comical; the spineless sycophants...

2023 presidency
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FG raises ministers, perm secs, others’ tour allowances.
2022/09/03 05:29:22

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Masari withdraws as Tinubu’s running mate!
2022/07/10 16:53:36

Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Edo Central senatorial candidate congratulates Tinubu.
2022/06/13 03:43:37


Ebonyi 2023: Ogba, Odii bicker over PDP governorship
2022/06/13 03:43:16

Ebonyi 2023

S’Court Justices deplore poor service conditions
2022/06/13 00:53:25

Justice Ibrahim Tanko Muhammad