Funmi Akingbade

S3xual hygiene for couples
2022/06/04 03:24:43

This week, because of the recent discussion we had on the case of the man who complained that he was dirty and uninterested in s3x, I am going to write...

S3xual hygiene for couples

13 ways to connect body-to-body, heart-to-heart
2022/05/07 21:10:54

I came across this well-written and hugely beneficial article and I felt that I should make it available to my readers. It is an excerpt from a book, ‘The Five...

funmi akin

Four keys to good s3xual turnaround
2022/04/30 04:25:59

THE desired marriage is not complete without an adequate plan for a better and fulfilled s3x life. S3x remains a potent tool to forge last ing relationships among couples and...

Sex arousal

Arousing your husband’s s3xual desire (2)
2022/04/16 07:37:32

WHEN you feel S3Xy, you are S3Xy. And once you both return home from your diva-outing, you won’t be able to keep your hands off  each other. For men, what...

Sex arousal

Arousing your husband’s s3xual desire (1)
2022/04/09 04:27:36

WHEN husbands show lack of interest in s3x, their wives can create a lifelong of s3xy honeymoon habit to revive it. I was about coming down from a car at...

Sexual desire

Reasons married women seek s3xual pleasure outside marriage
2022/03/26 07:50:52

This week, I would like to itemize some reasons married women find s3xual solace in the arms of other men. These articles and my counseling sessions are not  meant to...


S3x beyond the ordinary
2022/03/19 01:40:45

We have come to an era when married couples can boldly discuss their s3xual desires, fantasies, and needs with no iota of shame or fear. Most times, couples open their...


Building s3xual energy
2022/02/19 05:33:26

Every couple wants to discover the key to a better s3xual relationship. One of the ways to achieve this is to know how to strategically satisfy your s3xual urge and...

couple model

Attaining and maintaining healthy sex life
2022/01/29 01:42:44

When cleaning up, women should avoid the use of too much alkaline soap because it can disturb the natural ph level of the vulva and as a result, make the...

healthy sex life

Couples’ sexuality facts
2022/01/22 04:29:04

The primary reason for this column is to make married couples sex life a blissful one. So today, I have gathered some facts about the patterns of men and women’s...

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