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Party delegates, women and democracy
2022/05/21 05:03:29

The run up to the 2023 election in Nigeria has been quite an intriguing one. The two biggest political parties, the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) and the main opposition...

women and democracy

2023: Subdued godfatherism and the burden of choices
2022/04/16 08:03:07

Democracy as a system of government can be as exciting as it can equally be intriguing. For a developing nation like Nigeria, a lot is obviously at stake at all...


NASS-rejected gender equity bills: APC convention and the male ambush
2022/03/26 01:20:29

Those who fashioned the democratic system of government had a lot of foresight but nothing in their vision painted any clear picture close to the macabre dance that is Nigerian...

round table

Soludo: A speech and the chaos from two women
2022/03/19 00:45:01

The inauguration of Governor Charles Soludo of Anambra state has finally come and gone but with it a lot of stories and analysis. Expectedly, the inauguration was different since the...

Charles Soludo

#Breakthebias and the politics of it all
2022/03/12 04:06:47

The international Women’s Day (IWD) has evolved and has taken a significant part of global socio-political space since it was founded  in  1910 by  German socialist Clara Zetkin who proposed...

IWD 2022

2023: The danger of profiling
2022/02/19 00:18:33

Elections are the soul of democracies across the world. The process of elections from intra-party primaries to the general elections provides the interplay that validates democracy as a system of...

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Additional special legislative seats for women bill…
2022/02/12 04:27:24

It is no longer news that Nigeria has one of the lowest representations of women and people living with disabilities in parliaments and in politics in general in West Africa....


Femininity is never enough for political success
2022/02/05 00:10:17

The 2023 elections would define how hard women have worked  for  political spaces in Nigeria. It is not enough to complain and agitate, there must be some deliberate and calculated...


Female politicians, the media and victim mentality
2022/01/22 02:57:37

The Nigerian general election is a few months away and the permutations are on a high pitch. The advocacy for gender equity is everywhere you turn. Nigeria presently has a...


2023: Who would the cap fit?
2022/01/15 00:07:28

Nigeria is a very exciting country. It is not for nothing that the people are often referred to as the happiest people on earth. However, the socio-religious environment often seems...

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FG raises ministers, perm secs, others’ tour allowances.
2022/09/03 05:29:22

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Masari withdraws as Tinubu’s running mate!
2022/07/10 16:53:36

Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Edo Central senatorial candidate congratulates Tinubu.
2022/06/13 03:43:37


Ebonyi 2023: Ogba, Odii bicker over PDP governorship
2022/06/13 03:43:16

Ebonyi 2023

S’Court Justices deplore poor service conditions
2022/06/13 00:53:25

Justice Ibrahim Tanko Muhammad