Dayo Sobowale

Leaders, strategies and values
2022/06/11 00:18:44

It is difficult  to be   happy    and sad at the same time . Yet   that is the situation  I  am in ,  as I  write this column for today ....

Dayo Sobowale

Ideologies, culture and succession
2022/06/04 00:12:03

After  watching the Platinum   Jubilee  Celebrations  marking  the 70th anniversary of the British monarch  Queen Elizabeth 11  on the throne  ,   I began  to smell a rat  on the legacy...

Dayo Sobowale

Elections, realignment and disenchantment
2022/05/28 00:13:07

Let me start today  with  a confession –  on the nature of politics and elections in  most  nations of the world  , especially Nigeria  –   that I  not only find  ...

Dayo Sobowale

Corruption , policing and blackmail
2022/05/21 05:02:52

The  recent suspension of the Accountant General of the Federation by the Minister of Finance and the revelation by the EFCC that  he  is being  investigated for an  80bn naira...

Corruption Ahmed Idris

Leadership, legacy and recycling
2022/05/14 00:10:38

It  is apparent from the several  ways and means that world leaders , their relatives   and    cronies  cling to power  that the  uses  and perquisites of power are  so sweet...

Dayo Sobo

Power, democracy and magnanimity
2022/05/07 01:05:06

The  fact that the two major  parties  in Nigeria have set a huge  sum for political participation in the competition to become  president  has shown that Nigeria is not a...

Dayo Sobo

Education, ethnicity and progress
2022/04/30 00:00:53

A focus today on what I call  social engineering and have the cheek to give my own definition of that . It is a way    of   interest groups in society...

Dayo Sobowale

Morals, leaders and politics
2022/04/16 08:00:17

There is an unwritten rule in International Relations and Diplomacy . It  says that there are no permanent  friends but permanent  interests  in the relations amongst nations . That  is...


Politics, war and reconstruction
2022/04/09 01:48:31

For  those of us who did  not witness  the last world war  but read about it , the daily  cable   news  tv  shows    of the carnage going on in Ukraine...

Dayo Sobo

Leadership, security and apologies
2022/04/02 01:40:48

Apologies  are a form of regret at what happened  or should not have happened . It is an acceptable  courtesy and quite civilized  behavior . But  context comes into play...

Dayo Sobowale
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