Korede Yishau

Omatseye, Akpan and 2023
2022/06/03 05:40:00

Some days back, many Igbo remembered Biafra. It was a nation Nigeria did not want, and gave everything to defeat. It was a war that made mothers lose their husbands...

my village 2023

For a time like this
2022/05/27 07:58:18

There are times I miss Maryland Mall where I frequented to see Nigerian movies. There are times I miss the Lagos newsroom and its mad energy. There are times I...

Buhari 1

May a greedy soul not be our next president
2022/05/20 05:15:45

In a matter of days, the chaff will be separated from the wheat. Boys will know themselves and men will be visible for all to see. That is what will...


Emefiele we hail thee
2022/05/13 22:04:36

For years, Charles Oputa, better known as Charlie Boy, serenaded us with a self-titled television show whose motto was “anything can happen”. Over the years, this has become Nigeria’s motto....


Social responsibility
2022/05/06 06:58:10

Let us call her Aliyah. She is on the bed, her body hot like oven, her breathe short, her eyes struggling to open, her mouth bitter and repelling food. She,...

BACK PG Korede

Nobelist Gurnah, Nigerian politicians and other tales
2022/04/29 07:28:50

By Olukorede Yishau It will be hard for a Nigerian reader not to take special note of a scene in Abdulrazak Gurnah’s novel, ‘Gravel Heart’. The scene involves the main...


Animals in power
2022/04/12 06:29:55

The late Afrobeat maestro Fela sang about animals in human skin, who wore suits and ties, and wore agbada. NoViolet Bulawayo’s sophomore novel, ‘Glory’, has characters who are animals but...

NoViolet Bulawayo

Our lawmakers’ fixation with MultiChoice
2022/04/08 01:45:34

Pastors are shouting, imams are screaming, teachers are complaining, writers are aghast, the common man is tired and reporters are bored reporting the same thing over and over again. Something...


The terrorists who love us
2022/04/01 06:04:56

They are determined to add salt to our injuries, to make us suffer and suffer and suffer and continue to feel severe pains acetaminophen tablets cannot relieve. They have a...

Buhari pix for Page 3

Elumelu and things we need to tell ourselves
2022/03/25 06:34:39

‘In this glistering and moribund restaurant called Naija, hunger dies of lack! Yesterday’s sour meals of sordid stories are still on today’s menu, the maggot-ridden appetizers of money-laundering cuisine are...

tony elumelu chairman
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FG raises ministers, perm secs, others’ tour allowances.
2022/09/03 05:29:22

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Masari withdraws as Tinubu’s running mate!
2022/07/10 16:53:36

Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Edo Central senatorial candidate congratulates Tinubu.
2022/06/13 03:43:37


Ebonyi 2023: Ogba, Odii bicker over PDP governorship
2022/06/13 03:43:16

Ebonyi 2023

S’Court Justices deplore poor service conditions
2022/06/13 00:53:25

Justice Ibrahim Tanko Muhammad