Steve Osuji

Ambode at mid-term: Things not done
2017/05/26 00:00:10

t would be difficult for one to go to bed with a quiet conscience if one did not speak about the matters untouched and spaces uncovered in the first two...

Ambode Lagos

Dino: How to corrupt a country
2017/05/19 00:00:29

Now let all good men in the land rise and join hands in retrieving our country from Dino Melaye and his ilk. The handshake now seems to have reached the...

The Benue bomb
2017/05/12 00:00:48

This is a whale of a bomb no doubt and anyone who can ‘see’ would ‘hear’ the tick-tock of the timing device. This column was on the verge of interrogating...

Kongi, herdsmen and specialists
2017/05/05 00:00:33

You may be excused if you haven’t read or have not even heard about the book or play, Madmen and Specialists. But if you didn’t know who is fondly called...

A season so brittle
2017/04/28 00:00:43

It may sound impolitic, if not sinister to say that our country is  currently at end-stage inertia. But that is what it is if the harsh truth must be told....

Where is the President?
2017/04/21 00:00:25

By way of reiteration, this column asks once again that President Muhammadu Buhari must consider an honourable stand down from office. Last month, after his return from his 50-day medical...

The Fashola effect
2017/04/14 00:00:55

Going back to one’s words is not a pleasant thing. It is akin to returning to scoop up one’s spittle or worse stuff. This dirty job is what one is...

QC and the cannibals
2017/04/07 00:00:24

Did you see the shocking front page photograph in The Punch of Thursday, March 30, 2017? First, here is the caption: “Governor of Katsina State, Aminu Masari, at the kitchen...

Where on earth is the local rice?
2017/03/31 00:01:04

Last December there was so much hoopla about local Nigerian rice flooding the market. Nearly all states’ government in Nigeria claimed they had harvested enough rice to feed the entire...

BAT @65: What they won’t tell him
2017/03/31 00:00:23

It has been a week of great songs and dances; a fitting celebration of a great man of our time as he turned 65. Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu (BAT) has...

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