Welcoming APERO
2022/06/10 07:36:30

You have probably been overwhelmed with its audio and video jingles. Perhaps, you have come across its Press Release. Flyers have been flying around. You have watched the APERO roadshows....


Oloyede’s Double Wreath of Honour
2022/05/20 07:54:41

Monologue Today is another day of historic glory in Lagos. All ways from different parts of Nigeria will lead to the Centre of Excellence. At the instance of ‘Vanguard Newspaper’,...

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Nigeria’s Scripted Year
2022/05/13 00:15:52

”…Beware of a calamity that may afflict, not only the transgressors amongst you, but also the innocent ones, and, know that Allah’s retribution can be very severe…..” Q. 8:25  ...

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2022/04/28 05:53:59

Like any aspect of human life, Ramadan is a test which every Muslim should endeavour to pass. Without waiting to be asked, a good Muslim must be able to sincerely...

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Zakatul Fitr
2022/04/27 08:35:42

Linguistically, the Arabic word Zakah simply means charity. But semantically, it means the spiritual purification of wealth in one’s possession which some other people are not endowed with. In Islam,...

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2022/04/26 06:33:09

This article ought to have been published at the beginning of this year’s Ramadan. But an oversight as a human factor set in as a cause of delay. However, it...

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History of Ramadan Lecture in Nigeria
2022/04/15 06:34:31

Preamble For every activity of man that yields success or ends up in failure, there must be a history from which others can learn a lesson. Sometimes, it is man...


2022/04/13 06:32:12

From the beginning of Ramadan, every year, Muslims congregate in various Mosques or Learning Centres where the exposition of the Qur’an (Tafsir) is rendered by learned Muslim scholars. This is...


2022/04/12 07:14:23

At the beginning of this sacred month, 11 days ago, an analysis was done in this column classifying the 30 days of Ramadan into three segments. The first segment was...

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When tomorrow comes
2022/04/08 01:52:42

Monologue Let there become of you a nation that shall call for righteousness, enjoin justice and forbid evil. Such are people that shall surely triumph (in the end)”. Q. 3:...

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FG raises ministers, perm secs, others’ tour allowances.
2022/09/03 05:29:22

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Masari withdraws as Tinubu’s running mate!
2022/07/10 16:53:36

Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Edo Central senatorial candidate congratulates Tinubu.
2022/06/13 03:43:37


Ebonyi 2023: Ogba, Odii bicker over PDP governorship
2022/06/13 03:43:16

Ebonyi 2023

S’Court Justices deplore poor service conditions
2022/06/13 00:53:25

Justice Ibrahim Tanko Muhammad